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Wellness Corner

Fatigued and Tired? 


There is an epidemic called Chronic Adrenal Fatigue in our country today.  It affects how our cells produce energy and leaves us drained and tired with very little zest for life.  It is the result of too much stress combined with a lack of nutrition and proper rest.


It is years in the making, but can hit you like a ton of bricks once the adrenal gland totally fatigues.  One sign you are on your way to adrenal fatigue is the need to use caffeine - in the form of energy drinks, pop, coffee, chocolate, etc. - to get you going.  If you are under 30, there are few clear signs such as: panic or anxiety attacks, not being able to go to sleep at night and also being able to stay sleep. During the declining years, you will have symptoms such as muscle and joint aches and inflammation in your body and digestive track.  Skin problems associated with allergies get worse, you develop insulin resistance or type II diabetes, gain weight, and have bouts of irritability and depression.  Fibromyalgia and a lowered immune system are also very common symptoms.


Once your adrenal gland really "runs out of gas", then chronic fatigue, depression, and the lack of motivation to do anthing increases and the feeling someone unplugged you sets in.


We have extensive training in testing for and correcting Chronic Adrenal Fatigue at a deep level. See our "Power-4-Life"

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